Breast biopsy reports

This is the information given to the pathologist about the tissue, such as where it was in the breast before it was removed. To help ensure that the entire mass has been removed, the tissue is sent to the hospital lab to confirm whether breast cancer has been detected and if so, the edges margins of the mass are evaluated to determine whether cancer cells are reports in the margins positive margins. Mosby Elsevier; The organ or tissue biopsied Specific part of the organ the sample came from The biopsy procedure Specific findings in the tissue Other breast biopsy results Whether other tests are needed Diagnostic words Patients can review their pathology reports with their health care team.

Breast biopsy reports
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Your pathology results

In this case, you may need more surgery to obtain more tissue to further evaluate the area. X-rays mammograms are used to produce stereo images — images of the same area from different angles — to determine the exact location for the biopsy. The types of cells How the cells are arranged Whether the cells are abnormal Other features important for a diagnosis Sometimes, the pathologist may want to see more tissue before making a diagnosis. A breast biopsy reports of the research for women and their families.

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Breast biopsy reports
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This section of the report is called the microscopic description, and includes features of the cancer visible under a microscope. The pathologist prepares a pathology report that is sent to your doctor, who will share the results with you. Learn more about genetic testing. It may be several days before the results of a core needle biopsy are available. Rochester, Minn.:

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Breast biopsy reports
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