Stupidest comic strips

At 90 years old, " Gasoline Alley " is only slightly younger than the average comic strip reader. In this laugh-a-minute stupidest comic, one of the characters considers how much strips his life would be if he were dead, rather than in the throes of crippling debt. And finally, we have " Crankshaft ," one of two spin-offs of "Funky Winkerbean," the other being a strip called "John Darling," featuring a charmingly quirky talk-show host who was murdered on-panel in its penultimate strip.

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Garfield hates Mondays, Dilbert's in a boring meeting, and there's a woman in ' Dick Tracy ' being mauled to death by dogs. Where Are They Stupidest comic strips Those ideas we can't believe got past the idea stage, much less past the drawing board and into our comics. Still, we weren't quite prepared for just how incredibly bleak it could be, whether it's the scene where young Billy faithfully reproduces his parents shouting at each other over increasingly suspicious charges from a "business trip" to Las Vegas

Stupidest comic strips
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Stupidest comic strips
Stupidest comic strips
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Stupidest modifications. Worse yet was the fate of Marvin 's grandfather, who not only lost everything in the market crash, but discovered that the man he thought was his best friend was only interested in bilking him out of strips money, one dollar at a time, and that he is now both destitute and alone. That led to this scene where Hi comes home to tell the children that not only will they not be going to Grandma's this winter, but that there's a pretty good chance they'll all be frozen to death by Christmas. Even that pal es in comparison to the daily life of "Crankshaft," which, like "Momma," is about a senior citizen who hates everything, but with the strips twist that his friends are dying so fast that he fat ass anal sex even put comic his "funeral shoes" before another one drops. The best thing about this installment of " Funky Winkerbean ," which started as a high school comedy and evolved into a treatise on aging and mortality, is that writer Tom Batiuk rejects the traditional third-panel punch line in favor of a silent panel of two men thinking about how they and their relatives are going to die soon.

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Stupidest comic strips
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Stupidest comic strips
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